So, you got the job… now what?

Starting a new position can be an extremely anxiety-inducing life event. We hope you find the following 3 tips sufficient to calm (some) of your worries and guide you to settling into your role nicely.

Be a sponge

Soak up every bit of information thrown your way, whether it be direct communication or something you observe. Both types of information are highly valuable when learning how to navigate a new company and position, and will give insight into the spoken and unspoken rules of the company. An example of direct communication, or a spoken rule, could be reading a policy in the employee handbook, or your manager saying lunch breaks are to be one hour. Observations, or unspoken rules, can look a little different. An example of an unspoken rule could be brewing a new pot of coffee if you take the last cup.

Both direct communication and observations help paint a picture of how a typical employee will operate within the company. Pay attention to both.

Don’t overcompensate

Starting a new position at a new company can be nerve-wracking. You may feel like you are the underdog, the weakest link, or the person who knows the least. All of this is quite possibly true, but that’s not inherently a bad thing. When starting a new role, someone might overcompensate for their perceived ‘faults’ to appear like they were a quality hire. This will most often come across as arrogant or pompous behavior, instead of confidence. Our advice: know you were hired for a reason and be humble. Everyone at that company was once new, just like you.

Keep an open mind

It’s easy to find red flags when you’re looking specifically for them. Everyone has things about their previous company that they weren’t thrilled with, which is likely why you found a new role. Stepping into a new organization will have you keeping your eyes peeled for any red flags that could later affect you negatively down the road. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, keep in mind that you are working with an entirely new set of coworkers and managers, who will likely operate differently than those you just left. Don’t judge a situation for happening, judge how the situation was handled.

You got the job for a reason, trust yourself and your skillset – you got this!

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